Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Join the next Tweet This! Tuesday May 4th, 7pm est

Place the moms in ABC order by TV Surname, then RT @robertverdi the 12th Mom in the list to win a gift!  First one to name the mom gets the gift! 
UPDATE: Congrats to @kmpiorec for winning!  The answer is Florida Evans!

Here's the list- were you able to name them all?
Marie Barone
Nancy Botwin
Angela Bower
Carol Brady
Murphy Brown
Peggy Bundy
Edith Bunker
June Cleaver
Roseanne Conner
Marion Cunningham
Betty Draper
Florida Evans
Ruth Fisher
Kitty Foreman
Clair Huxtable
Jane Jetson
Elyse Keaton
Maggie Malone Seaver
Shirley Partridge
Laura Petrie
Sophia Petrillo
Donna Reed
Marge Simpson
Samantha Stevens

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